Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moving to Minnesota!

Changes they are a-coming. D (the hubster) just got the call this morning and was offered a fellowship at the Awesome University, and it's one of the top in his field. We only sent out the PhD applications last month to places all over the US (and one in Canada), and already we have a destination! Super excited, and unexpected this early. My honey buns is just that smart :)

So, yeah. The climate might be a tad bit different from where we live now: Texas. I was hoping we'd get to move somewhere north--you know, where strange white stuff falls from the sky occasionally. But Minnesota? Sheesh, pretty sure the snow overload is gonna take some getting used to. Then again, I've wanted out of Texas ever since we moved here from Chicago, so I'll take whatever gets us out of the baking, sweaty sunshine.


  1. thx! we're super stoked, and currently are ignoring all the work involved in moving and just basking in the excitement of it for awhile longer :)

  2. yeah girl! I have friends in MN and while the dead of the winter might not be super exciting, they love it otherwise.