Saturday, April 23, 2011

A River Runs Through

So, I happen to live right by this college town (where I go to college) that has this great river running through it. Not just running through it--it freaking springs up OUT OF THE GROUND right where the college was built - you can take these glass bottom boat tours over the springs and see the freaking river water springing up from underground aquifers. It's bananas.

Anyway, there is this river, and I have lived near it my entire life. And in the past I maybe tubed down it once. ONCE. But in the past two weeks, it's like there's an invisible magnet pulling me to the river. Well, really it started in winter. Then, I used to go, take a camping chair and sit by the river, totally desolate of humans, watching the mists swirl over the water b/c the air was colder than the river water that stays a fairly even 70 degrees no matter what time of year. But then the last two weeks I've actually gotten IN to the river. And suddenly it's like freaking crack to me. I can't stay away.

My six year old and I went today, just to walk around the river-side. We weren't wearing swimming trunks. I didn't have any towels. But as we dangled our feet into the river, I suddenly found it not enough and jumped all the way in, regular clothes and all. Then tried to coax my not-as-adventurous son to come in with me!!

I finally got him in a little, standing on these huge roots of trees that dive down into the river. It's mostly shallow there, my feet could touch and I could walk up right. There's just this delirious weightlessness to wading in water up to your neck. For a person like me who has a chronic illness, where my body feels doubly-heavy so much of the time--suddenly all that weight is lifted. I can float freely on my back in the sunshine, bob gently with my feet touching, all without much effort so I don't get easily tired out like normal. You just can't imagine how ALIVE it makes me feel. How normal. Every day now I find myself constantly thinking--hmm, how can I make it to the river today?


  1. That sounds amazing! So relaxing. I hope you can continue to enjoy it all summer!

  2. Thx! Especially when I get some free time in a few weeks, I'm gonna go at least every couple weeks!

  3. That sounds like so much fun!! I wish it was warm enough for a river dip here. :D We took our daughter to the state park yesterday and did a little hiking on the trails. I really can't wait for summer.

  4. Lol, summer in Texas started mid-March this year, it was in the 90's this past week. Ridiculousness. But then again, I'm moving to Minnesota in August, so maybe I should enjoy my ridiculously hot last summer here. Hmm, or just hide out in air-conditioned spots till August ;)