Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elements of an Edit - Picture Post

So, I looked at the calender today, thinking for sure it had been 3+ weeks since I'd gotten my edit letter. Yeah, or not. It's been a little less than 2 weeks, but I turned in my edits today, and they felt pretty massive. At least to me. We'll see what my actual editor thinks :) In the meantime, here's a picture post of the elements involved in Heather's Vortex Hermit Cave of Edits where I've been living the past couple weeks.

First of all, there is the Edit Cave :

Note: multiple coffee cups on the shelf, as well as wine bottle and glass. Both are important ingredients in the Hermit Cave. Mini-speakers on the couch arm (blasting mainly Florence + The Machine and Mumford & Sons). Also important: comfy couch space, pillows and blankets that nestle the aforementioned Heather Hermit into the couch space. And yeah, random stacks of laundry and books scattered around. This is my life.

Next item of importance: midway through edits, printed out manuscript, with more chicken scratch:

And last but not least--the beacon guiding in the dark: THE EDIT LETTER, in all it's 18-page gloriousness, marked up, highlighted, and each item crossed off one by one as I work through Amazing Editor's thoughts and suggestions for manuscript.

And then there is the Heather Hermit in the Aftermath. That's right, I am sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy. But wait, what? Grad school needs my attention? Bahhhhhhh!!!


  1. You're done? That is awesome!! I am slightly envious. It must feel so good.

    Now get some more rest and then celebrate!

  2. Thanks!! Are you still in the middle of edits?? It does feel good to have this big part done. Now if the rest of my life would just slow down...!