Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pretty Rings!!!

The new James Avery catalog (they specialize in quality silver jewelry) came in the mail today and I am lusting after this especially lovely ring!! It's more 3-D and cool looking in person - the flowers explode off the band!

The husband and I were also looking at the wedding rings in the catalog too. Yes, yes, we already have wedding rings, but it's our TEN year anniversary this December, and my husband's ring now cuts off all circulation to his finger :) Also, both our rings are yellow gold, which I don't like anymore. I much favor silver or white gold. For the hubster I think we'll do a simple small band that is thin enough so it doesn't bother him, and for me, a thin silver band and then this for a second band (equivalent of the engagement ring), this one:

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Of course we'll wait for awhile closer to the anniversary, because I have the patience of a gnat and I would want to wear them right away! But maybe the flower ring later this summer :)


  1. My mom gave me a James Avery ring when I graduated from high school and I have worn it every day ever since (and, um, that's a long time). Have fun choosing!