Monday, November 22, 2010

A little hubris never hurt anybody...right?

I’ve taken a different approach to the term paper for my Renaissance prose class. I’ve had a general idea in mind since the beginning of the semester (wanting to investigate the passion vs. reason binary). The past two weeks I’ve done leisurely research, lots of pre-writing, written several alternating thesis’, changed ideas back and forth about how I want to focus the paper—now all that’s left is to actually write the frickin' paper!

I’m a little nervous about putting off the actual writing of the paper, but at the same time, I’m pretty confident about my ability to produce a quality product. Confidence is the name of the game for me lately—both in my fiction and academic writing. I really think I’m getting stellar at both—here’s hoping that it’s not over-confidence dipping into hubris, right?!?!

But then I figure, I was so non-confident for so many years, a little bit of kick-ass feeling can only be a good thing J

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