Thursday, July 21, 2011

Writer's Dilemma: Mediating Vs. Participating In A Moment

So, part of being a writer is CONSTANTLY WRITING, EVEN IN YOUR HEAD!! A few days ago a rain-storm blew in (a rarity in a drought-ridden Texas, a veritable magical moment), and I stood outside, feeling the alternately hot and cold winds blowing my hair back, and then the tiny rain droplets driving against my skin, my eyebrows, my lips, my forearms... and immediately, even IN the moment, I wanted to be writing ABOUT the moment!!!
Now, this can go two ways. #1: You can miss participating in the moment because you are too busy analysing and dissecting what is going on. This can separate you from inhabiting the moment and simply experiencing sensation. Writing becomes a form of mediating the present, separating you from it and isolating you.

Or #2: (and what I think this moment with the rain storm was): The words streaming in your head become another facet of participating and being fully alive in the moment. It's not just experiencing sensation, it's the simultaneous desire to express and communicate the sensations. I believe this can enrich the moment without separating you from it.

Does this sound like a small distinction? Maybe. But it's an important one to me. At least as I walk in this world, trying to fully PARTICIPATE in my own life instead of glossing over or over-judging moments to the extent I forget to live them.


  1. I have this experience all the time! Thanks for posting this. I try to practice mindfulness, but it seems like I am always on the outside looking at everything, instead of being part of it all.

  2. Love that expression: "practicing mindfulness" YES! It is a practice, I think, one I hope I will get better at with time :)