Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On Mohawks & Meditation

So I was watching So You Think You Can Dance (dumb name for the show, but gorgeous dancing!) on hulu last night, and every week I'm just totally crushing on Sasha's hair! She's not my favorite dancer, but she does have my favorite hair ;)

Not to mention she's just so goddamned FIERCE! Look at those arm muscles! Sorry, I digress :)

I recently chopped off most of my hair and have attempted tiny little faux-hawks, but I wanted to do a little more with it. Now, I highly doubt I would look good with the sides of my head actually SHAVED, so I just went across the sides with a 1 inch guard. And the results are awesome! I don't look like a mushroom-head anymore, and this is something I've never done before with my hair (which, you know, is rare for me since I love me my crazy styles!)

My hair lately has become symbolic to me (see also Hair as Metaphor post). It's a symbol of change, and quite simply, a symbol of freedom to me. Looking in the mirror reminds me of the inner and outer changes I'm making in my life. Even just swishing my neck back and forth without the weight of hair makes me feel liberated, like I've suddenly become taller, my neck elongated like a gazelle.
I'm also working to teach myself to be more aware of the world around me, to really experience and take in the sensory data of the present moment. And alternately, trying to let go of those things I can't control, those things in the future that I used to obsess about. This also is liberating. Taking the world as it comes, living in the present instead having my head worrying about three hours or three weeks or three years from  now.

It's such a beautiful, beautiful world. It's as if I have new eyes to see it lately.


  1. I cut off all my hair a couple weeks ago. My hair felt so heavy and was always in the way. A scissor and hair-band later, I had short hair and felt liberated as well. Hopefully I'll have the nerves one day to dye it like you since I've always wanted to.

    Love the hair and tattoos :-)

  2. Wow Heather, I applaud you for taking the hair plunge! I think it looks fabulous! I would never have enough guts to try something awesome like that. :(