Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts in the daily life of Heather Anastasiu:
  •  [At the Old Navy Outlet]: Dear Lady, seriously, your child is caterwauling like a tortured animal, it's time to TAKE THEM HOME FOR A NAP! You are killing my Retail Therapy Buzz.
  •  [While editing WIP]: Dear F*&#ing piece of sh*@ scene: stop F*%&ing w/ me!!!!!!! I WILL CONQUER YOUZZZZ!
  • Dear SyFy Channel: I don't know why you think showing old Pierce Brosnan James Bond flicks counts as sci-fi, or "sy-fy" *rolls eyes*, but all right, I've got an hour to kill enjoying ridiculous 90's action sequences.
  • Dear Self: your snark factor is high today. I think it's time for a glass of wine, The Daily Show, and bedtime ;)
  • Oh look, I have almost blog 100 followers. Time for a GIVEAWAY!! Check back soon!