Sunday, June 26, 2011

Restless Sunday

I'm restless today, taking time off for me and bouncing around all my favorite spots in this little college town - the coffeeshop, my favorite cafe, my favorite used book store. The husband and I have been wrapping a bunch of things up, lots of endings in my life lately: we just finished all the hundred little projects on our house and it's finally on the market, my husband is turning in his thesis this weekend (which I proof-read, all 100 pages of computer science-y gobblty-goop-smarty-pants-algorithm-speak!). I got to 50k on book II of the Glitch trilogy, a dead-line I'd set for myself. Accomplishments, accomplishments abound, and I find myself suddenly very TIRED!

I think I would like to sleep for a week. Well, sleep and write. And eat desserts instead of meals. And watch Pride and Prejudice (both the Colin Firth version and then the Kiera Knightly version) about ten times each. And breathe in and then out again until I feel ever ounce of air expand in my lungs and then expel again.


  1. I second watching Pride and Prejudice. You can never over-watch that Colin Firth version!

  2. Sigh. I want to watch movies!
    When my edits are done I'm going to watch movies and read books and go out and...and...sleep mostly.
    And yay for P & P!! ALL Versions!!

  3. Exactly, it is NOT POSSIBLE to have too much P&P!!!! And Colin Firth in the lake scene... 'nuff said!!!! ;)