Saturday, May 7, 2011

Endings and Beginnings and as always, Middles

  • My last semester of grad school! Over! No more classes! So, other than a couple of papers left (for a class I took an Incomplete due to health problems), I'm done with course work. I'll work slowly on my thesis throughout the next year, probably fly back to Tx to defend it next May since we're moving to MN. But I'm DONE w/ going to class! Maybe forever!!
  • Which leads to the next exciting Ending: working on 2nd round of edits for GLITCH! My editor got back to me with edits yesterday, on my birthday too :) Happy birthday to me! I'll be diving in tomorrow and all next week.
After I finish edits on GLITCH, then I move on to writing Book II for the rest of the summer. I've written about the first third of it, but the rest I get to dive into First Drafty Land. There's an adrenaline to the pure creation stage, building up word count and getting deep in the Writing Zone.

But most of my life is middles right now, probably why I'm a little bananas and have been for the past few weeks/months. For example,
  • Motherhood. Always a middle, an on-going drama of happy and driving-me-crazy and then cuddly and then enforcing consequences for bad behavior. Bah! Mothering a 6 1/2 yr old is constant rollercoaster land. Today was a good day though. Took munchkin to the river and we played in the small waterfalls and let him get more comfy floating and starting to learn how to swim. We are also starting to watch Doctor Who together. Very good things ;)
  • The House. We are trying to sell our house. Like, putting it on the market by May 30th. Hence, crazy house projects, like today: we were paying my friend to paint the walls in the living room, meanwhile husband and I worked together to put the grout in for the tile he laid a few weeks ago. After we put sealant on that tomorrow, we finally get to put the master bath toilet back in!! Which has been missing since husband pulled it out THREE MONTHS AGO (sharing bathroom w/ a 6 yr old w/ bad aim= no bueno!!) Also, we might be moving into an apartment starting in June so the house can be empty while it's on the market.
  • School. Yes, I'm finished w/ classes, but I still need to work w/ prof on the class I took an Incomplete for, will need to write those two papers in July.
  • The Husband. Oh dear, is it uncouth to call my husband one of my Middles? But really, the dude could not be MORE in the middle of transition-land. He's just starting his thesis...which has to be done by July! He's been finishing up other research projects with his research professor. He's taking his last final exam on Monday, then he's done w/ coursework. In a couple weeks, he's bowing out to take a trip to MN to try to figure out a safe school solution for our son. And he's going to be a Research Advisor to several undergrad students all summer. Seriously, the guy is half super-sonic cyborg, I swear, who goes and goes and goes on still very little sleep. Poor dude. Heather's Mission now that school is done: do as much as I can to give him all the time/energy/space he needs to get done all the craziness in the next few months. You know, along w/ packing and moving this summer to an apartment before he graduates and we move in mid-August!!!!! Bananasville!!!!


  1. ZOMG, how has your head not exploded with all this going on?

    Congrats on finishing your semester! And good luck with your edits this week! Is the second round very substantial? I'll be in the Revision Cave too. *passes tea & cupcakes*

  2. Hi Jess! Yay for being in our Revision Caves at the same time!! I love hearing your updates on twitter, makes me feel not so alone in the crazy-making neurosis inducing Edit Land. The second edits are smaller, but there's still plenty to keep me busy. Good luck to both of us!