Sunday, May 29, 2011

Body of Mine

We painted our bathroom today. We're trying to get everything ready to sell the house (we're trying to be out in a couple of weeks to put it on the market *famous last words*). Anyhow, we painted today. I have chronic health problems, and if I exert myself too much, I'll be in bed for a week. So of course, I don't avoid physical things, I just am always running the edge of "too much"!!! I've come to terms with my limitations for the most part, but every once in awhile I say screw it! I'm going to go swimming or walk too far, or in today's case, help paint my goram bathroom!!!

Because really, after the Post Edit Malaise I've been in all week, staring at my computer and unable to get going on The Next Thing (it always takes me about a week off anyway, after a big project)--anyway, it felt good to use my body in physical labor for three hours, not think much, just paint, listen to music, be with my family, and help get something done that's needed to be done. A Very Satisfying Feeling.

And I think I stopped today before it went over the line of too much. I'm resting now, will watch TV or do more delightful reading now that I'm finally starting to read again. Life is busy, but life is good :-)

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