Sunday, April 24, 2011

On Love, Libraries, and Disability

There's been a lot of wicked stress in my life lately (though now slowing down), and one person who makes it all bearable: my husband. We've been married almost ten years, some of them rougher than others. We were kids when we got married (I was 19). We'd barely lived in the world out on our own before we were out on our own together. Together. It's a simple enough concept. Two as one, an infused pair, even as different as we are in our interests and temperaments. We went on a date this past Thursday at our favorite little diner where they serve un-ending coffee. Then we went and window-shopped for new wedding rings we'll get for our ten-year-anniversary in December. The ones we have now are 1) yellow gold, which I'm not a fan of and 2) Dragos' is literally going to have to be CUT OFF it's so small. I'm getting two small silver bands, one with a small emerald, and Dragos is getting a simple band, white gold. God, I love this man.

Also big on my Awesome List: The Texas State Alkek University library. I've lived in this area all my life--I grew up in the same county and my brothers went to this university. A few times growing up I walked up the many stairs to the imposing structure, seven stories tall and full of BOOKS! I was in awe of it. It's nestled in among the hills of the campus. Lately all the stairs had become a problem for me because of my chronic illness, which leads me to my last Awesome List Item. I've had CFS for nine years now, but for the first time actually got a disability placard so I can park closer to buildings and save energy.

I don't know WHY I DIDN'T DO THIS SOONER! Suddenly, I can GO to the library again, because I can park right at the back where the elevators are. I don't half to walk the half-block to my favorite coffee shop, stopping three times along the way to rest. I can take limited trips to the grocery store. For such a little thing, it has made such a BIG difference. Good things happening in my life lately. Good things. Good things, my friends.


  1. That is just so great to hear. It's wonderful to see that your husband is still your support after so many years. Congrats on that placard!

  2. Thanks Ariana!! I know, I got really lucky to get such an amazing man - we've both changed so much since we met and married, but we've managed to change together so we remain compatible. No small feat, I think.

  3. 10 years is awesome. I depend on my husband a lot as well. It's a great feeling. Also, I LOVE funky hair colors and I experimented with them for quite a while. If I can ever quit my day job, I plan on going back...

  4. Thanks Libby! I know, I had a day job for years where I had to keep the colors normal, but when I went back to school a couple years ago and got to quit, I immediatly started with the funky hair colors!!