Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It's snowing outside and I can't help but grinning because it's so beautiful and magical. I just moved from Texas to Minnesota, and in an odd bit of weather, it's only snowed a few times so far this winter. Everyone here assures that me by March and April, I will find little about the snow magical ;) But for right now, the magical feeling stays, and I found myself humming all morning: It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

This December has been completely insane and without going into TMI, let's just say it's been very emotional and rollercoaster-y, but good things have come out of it. On the 29th, I'll celebrate my ten year wedding anniversary, and it's especially meaningful this year. I look out the window and see the snow falling, and it feels like hope and new beginnings.


  1. Wow, my 10 year wedding anniversary is also on the 29th! I guess that was a magical day! I live in Florida and I wish it were snowing here.

  2. Aww, how cool!!! Congrats, and hope you have a wonderful anniversary too :D

  3. Congrats and enjoy! I'm a self-proclaimed winter wimp, but after a few years in Michigan, I toughened up some.

  4. Congratulations on celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary!

    It was snowing here as well and even stayed on the ground all day, but it's gone now. It was lovely to look at. I'm not really in the Christmas spirit this year, not in a Scrooge kind of way, just that it doesn't feel like Christmas. So maybe it will come back and help me get into it :-)