Saturday, June 18, 2011

Me and Lazarus, Baby

So, I don't talk about this much here, but I have a chronic illness--Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which as fellow sufferers know, is an annoyingly petty-sounding-name for a life-changing illness. I was in a wheelchair for a year because I didn't have the energy to walk. But after ten years and trying every possible random "cure" out there, I've finally stumbled upon a medication that helps. That really, REALLY helps. Like

I went swimming for an hour and a half today kind of awesome, using muscles I literally haven't in years. It's been a month and a half on the new med. And suddenly, my life is becoming so much LARGER! I can walk more, write more, do more around the house. I think I might actually start to be able to EXERCISE again! Calling it a resurrection might be a little dramatic (but hey, I'm a writer, dramatic is my wheelhouse!), but I really do like I'm coming alive again (especially compared to the wheelchair days). I can play with my son, go on walks with my husband!! If not a resurrection, surely a renaissance. The Amazing Second Life of Heather Anastasiu.

Fear not, I'm not getting my hopes too far up. I'm pushing out my energy feelers further and further everyday, waiting to see if the CFS pushes back. But so far, it's been amazing. I'm not sure I even know who I am as a  More Energy person. For so long, chronic illness has been part of my identity. It's a wild ride, but I'm enjoying the hell out of every new ounce of energy.


  1. As someone who can truly relate, this is so wonderful, Heather! I am always thinking and praying for you. I hope this is a bright, new beginning for you.

  2. Heather, this is such wonderful news, and I hope it just keeps getting better and better. You deserve to feel great and get all you can out of life.

  3. I am SO GLAD that the med is working & you're feeling better! Go, Heather! :-D

  4. This is great! What a wonderful thing to hear!