Monday, February 28, 2011

Very Good Things in My Life Today

  • Eating a grilled-cheese sandwich, interspersed with bites of fresh-cut Roma tomato
  • Listening to my son sound out words slowly and then announce each one triumphantly when he figures it out, a little puzzle-master becoming more and more fluent, stacking up words till they become sentences
  • Snuggling in the crook of my husband's arm after he gets home from class and drinking a beer together


  1. Ha, found you. I was looking at a list of upcoming dystopians and saw your name. Congratulations! You've come a long way since xanga days. (I was immortalwithout.)

  2. Hi Jaimie! Yep, it's been a trip! How are you doing? How's your writing going?

  3. Writing is good, thanks for asking! Working on my second novel (the first one died, as first novels do) which I will be pitching at the YA conference in Austin in April. Excited! :)