Saturday, December 4, 2010

CAN Men and Women Ever Be "Just Friends"?

This is the age old question, awesomely dramatized in the classic When Harry Met Sally. And it's one I've certainly wondered about often enough, because here's the thing: a lot of the time, I get along better with dudes than I do with other women. I don't know if this is because I grew up with brothers or because of the difference in topic in conversations I can have with guys.

I have several guy aquaintances that I wish I could spend more time with and who, if they were girls, I'd want to be besties with. But then I worry if its inescapable that b/c of the tension of opposite sex relations (or same sex relations if one swings that way), that you always have to tread a certain boundary line. You always have to be careful not to create too much of an emotional connection with any dude other than your spouse. But these are still some awesome unique people who I feel the better for knowing, who push me creatively and intellectually, and who are just plain fun!

I think about things too much, probably. Over-analyze things that are no big deal. In my mind, I generally just make categories, and guy friends are firmly put in the "brother" category.

So take that, Harry. Men and women CAN be just friends, I hereby declare it! with the caveat not to be stupid and pretend making too-deep emotional connections with people won't affect you. What do you think?

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  1. Agreed. Friendship is good. Boundaries are also good. Marriage is worth protecting.