Thursday, March 11, 2010

Book Signing - Claudia Gray

I went and saw the lovely Claudia Gray tonight at BookPeople in Austin (she's a fun young adult author, for those of you out of the YA loop). Yes, she writes about vampires, but she does so more intelligently than others. Good plot and characters.

I love going to author readings, meeting them, getting to see a little of thier personality, ask them questions about the book, thier road to getting an agent and publication, thier writing process. I've been to about six or seven readings now, and it's so funny to see authors who you think are somber be funny, one's you think would be charismatic seem stilted, and others just going with the flow and having fun, like she was tonight. She also read really well - almost theatrically. It was a nice change from the last author I heard read.

It was fun, though I was sad more people didn't show up. I always want authors I like to do well, like I become emotionally invested in thier success! Book signed, to be read maybe this weekend. And now I'm off to sleep before my big day tomorrow (getting new tattoo! half-sleeve!).

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