Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life From The Cubicle

Second week of being a real adult working in a real office. I am wearing a button up shirt and slacks. My hair is a normal color. I am wearing sensible shoes. The office where I work is this huge complex-y place that has break rooms, lunch rooms, the whole works. It's crazy adult. I went shopping for new wardrobe, and it felt like shopping for a halloween costume, trying on the different persona of Office Worker.

I sit in my little shared cubicle, with a headset attached to my ear. I answer phones, input information in databases, and in general dispence amazingly brilliant information and customer service and set appointments.

The cubicle that I share is covered with Winnie the Pooh paraphanalia. I am disturbed by this, but as it is only my second week (first real week doing actual work, at assigned cubicle), I probably can't go on a de-Pooh-ing rampage. Everywhere I look around my nice sophisticated cubicle, the little orange Pooh-bear faces assaults me. There is a mug, a stuffed animal, a folder, and a ridiculous amount of magnets and stickers. And Pooh markers. And a small Pooh repilica decorating my computer console.

As for the actual job, it is all good - easy enough, i get to sit down, work three days a week, but long days, so I'll be getting about 25hrs/week. For the first time ever I'll be making ACTUAL money, like grown-ups, like $1000 a month.

Toby Keith is giving me a smarmy stare from a calender right above my head. Grr.

There are Pooh pens. Can I counter with death metal stress balls? Bloody-skull topped highlighters?

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