Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review of PASSION by Lauren Kate

I just finished Lauren Kate's PASSION and I really enjoyed it. This book was very different from the previous two - it didn't have the same structure, didn't take place at a school and I liked that Luce is finally taking charge to figure out the past instead of just putting up with Daniel being cagey and keeping secrets. Really, this was what I've been wanting to see since the beginning--to see Daniel and Luce's love throughout time. It's what made this book so special and gave it epic scope.

Over and over we get to see Luce's past incarnations fall in love with Daniel, and it seems to become real to both Luce and the reader along the journey. I loved the changing historical settings and the way Luce's character slowly makes some important realizations. As Luce begins to see that she did have a choice in all this, and over and over she chooses Daniel, as she first watches and then steps into her past selves and experiences it firsthand, both the love and the heartbreak of her death in each life, it was really powerful. I'm loving how this series has developed, and I can't wait to read the epic ending when the last book comes out next Spring!!!

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  1. I glad to hear Luce is taking charge. That's one of the things I would of liked to see in the first book, which is the only one I've read so far.

    Safari Poet