Monday, March 14, 2011

New Tattoo!

My tattooist is this tiny little gal, but damn that girl can DIG. Into my flesh, that is. With several sharp needles repeatedly for my first three hour session. That's right. I've got two more three-hour sessions left 0_o

Oh dear, I don't want to scare people any more than they already are about tattoos! I've loved them forever. Even since I was young and extremely religious, I've thought they were so beautiful. Art. On your skin! Yes!! But it wasn't until I was twenty-five that I got my first one, and I love, love, love them. That said, I didn't always make the best decisions about designs. I've learned more with each one, how to work with a tattoo artist, trust them to do their craft and add part of their personal style, give up a little of control over the process, and the result is always tremendously more beautiful.

So for this tattoo, I'm really trying to get some beautiful coverage on my left arm. I imagine both arms will be full sleeves one day, but right now I'm stopping at half sleeves in case I have to get a grown-up job one day ;) It's a cover-up for an old badly done tattoo I'd gotten on a spontaneous impulse one day (you can still see the old tattoo through it, like on the purple flower, we'll get more coverage next time so it disappears). Note to all: spontaneous impulse tattoos are usually a bad idea (even though they can be exciting and fun!).

All the flowers will be colored in during the next session - mixes of purples and blues, it's going to be SO GORGEOUS!!!!! If you can't tell my goofy smile in the above picture, in spite of the pain (which is very short-lived, in another half a week it'll be all healed up and not tender to touch), tattoos make Heather a happy girl :)

And here's me with both arms in tattoo'd glory, outside during the fabulous spring weekend:


  1. OMG. LOVE those tattoos. The rose has such crisp lines. It looks so good.

    I've wanted a tattoo forever. Husband and I are thinking of getting one this summer to celebrate my book selling! But working at a bank means I have to put it in a spot I can hide. :( Just one more reason why I need to eventually become a full-time writer, right? =D

  2. Exactly! I haven't had a grown-up job for awhile now, since I went back to school a couple years ago (hence getting away with the fun hair too!) Now we'll see if this writing thing goes somewhere!! If not, I'll work on a phd, avoiding grown-up-dom forever if I can manage :) :) :)

  3. Work on a phd? THAT IS AWESOME! And it makes me feel pretty lame. ;) If I wasn't a writer/teller, I'd be...a laundry attendant? A dishwasher? A secretary? *shudder* I'll take the writing any day!

  4. Lol, it's not that impressive actually. I went back for my Master's to avoid continuing in my phone customer service job! Then found out that doing research isn't that bad or scary after all, I could do it if I had to. But yeah, just being a writer? Omg, that was always Plan A, I just thought it was too ridiculous a dream to ever come true!

  5. I love your tattoos, Heather! They're gorgeous. And so is your hair! I especially love the pink. I've had pink streaks for almost a year, but they're so hard to keep up with, I'm letting them grow out for now.