Sunday, January 2, 2011

Between Stasis and Expansion

A week far too crazy and emotional. New year really starts tomorrow with the first Monday of the year. I don't know if it's the nature of the holidays or the fact that artificial cycles like holidays we mark on a calender have real psychological effects, but the end of last year was... momentous, I guess that's the word for it, when everything that had been in stasis is shaken up, tumbled around, the after-effects of which are still rippling through the pond? I find more and more that life is about learning to live in the balance between order and chaos, stasis and change, structure and infinite expansion.

We're doing a lot of purging around here, taking trunk-fulls of old paper and cardboard to the recycling center, putting stuff aside for a big garage sale next Saturday, listing furniture on Craigslist--taking all the tangible steps to lighten the load of STUFF to prepare to sell the house. It feels cathartic getting rid of the old, and looking forward toward the new.

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