Friday, July 10, 2009

The Good Times Continue

Know I've been out of pocket lately. I've just not been much for communicating in any way lately - I'm backlogged on emailing people, seeing friends, blogging - I've just been taking this space lately. This beautiful pristine space just to BE and to DO. What I've been doing is writing.
I quit my job totally (I'd been slowing down on hours, until I finally just decided it wasn't worth the stress on my body even part-time). And I've been writing, and writing, and writing (randomly I'm back to working on the Persephone novel for young adults, which my goal is to complete in fair shape by the end of the summer). And I completely love my life and know that this is completely unfair and nobody gets to actually DO what they WANT to be doing, and believe me, I feel very lucky!

I just got the official acceptance today into the Master's in Literature program at Texas State. I'd talked to the advisor after taking the four extra undergrad class throughout last year, and he said everything should be fine, but it's nice to have it in writing now. Yes, I will be a graduate student. Deal sealed and locked. I have to wait until mid-August before I can register for classes, but I'm still super-stoked. I'll be taking two classes either way.

If anyone's interested, you can check out a short-short story published in a little online zine at: MudLuscious.

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